Are you ready to step into your full power as a woman?

Are you ready to let go of the stories your mother was told, the story that she told you through her actions, that society/the Patriarchy told you? The story that Creation is outside of yourself?

That you are somehow flawed or need to stay small in order to be loved.


It's time to break free of those old stories that bind us to the mundane, the status quo. It's time to step into the magical flow of Life. The absolute knowing that all of Life supports YOU. Letting go into the Mother's Sacred Embrace and into TRUST The Womb of Creation....Your magic!! We all carry the wounding of separation from the first cut of our umbilical cords from our own Mother. Many women carry the untold stories of her sacrifice and what it means to be a woman. We all have had wounding around our Mothers, from the overbearing Mother, the controlling, the depressed mother, the absent mother, the addict, the show mother. We have all suffered in some way from this first point of wounding/separation. When your Mother is your entire world and you don't feel safe, seen, heard or loved. You retract from self and often check out completely. Being left with feeling of not enough, not lovable, not safe to be seen. These can be some of our most hidden shadow stories. We will often play these stories out within the sisterhood that show up as comparison, jealousy, mistrust of your own feminine intuition and power. Healing with the Womb of the Earth, your own Mothers womb and tapping into the pure light of Creation in your own womb. Is a powerful 2 day urban retreat that will combine dance, ceremony, ritual, deep sharing, nurturing and birthing YOU!!! As an integrated powerful woman. Featuring working with the Rose Why the Rose? The Rose truly has it all. I believe her to be the Queen of flowers. She helps heal all aspects of the Heart. Teaching us acceptance, love, forgiveness, compassion, healthy boundaries, strong roots, and fragrant beauty. What you will learn: * How to connect with the Earth Mother and fully step into Trust * How to release and heal untold stories of your womb that keep you small * Simple Shamanic practices to connect you to your own wisdom and the wisdom of the Earth * How to embody your power through shamanic dance * How to let your own Mother off the hook and yourself. Giving yourself full permission to be you * How to embrace your Life's lessons as great gifts and teachers * Simple practices how to incorporate working with the Rose in your daily life.