Integrated Elements:

 Sacred Tobacco & Sananga Ceremony

Would you like to learn more about working with sacred shamanic plant spirits? Would you like to receive guidance, cleansing, clarity of mind and grounding?

Join us for an elemental journey with the spirit of the Tobacco in the form of Hape, a legal shamanic snuff medicine utilised in ancient tribal traditions. 
Tara Fischer smudging in ceremony

Tara Fischer smudging in ceremony

Working with Tobacco in this way allows the subtleties of this plant spirit to work on all levels physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


Join us for an elemental sound healing journey with the spirit of the Tobacco in the form of Hape, a legal shamanic snuff medicine utilised in ancient tribal traditions. We will also be working with Sananga another sacred medicine for the eyes for heart opening and clarity.

Working with Tobacco in this way, the form of hape, the allows the subtleties of this plant spirit to work on all levels physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The theme coming through for this event is connecting with the Earth, and the connection between self and our reality. Connecting with the earth re-aligns us to our organic nature, or elemental self and our true essence. All is connected and all has influence. Also, when we working purely from the physical or purely from the energetic and spiritual we are effectively working with only half of ourselves. This ceremony will assist you in integrating the aspects, bringing you into alignment and cohesion with your full self. 

Tobacco can help you to ground into your body, clearing the body opening the heart and helping to release negative thought patterns, decalcify the pineal gland, cleaning and purifying the system so we can clearly communicate with the plant spirit allowing a body/mind/heart connection. When used in a ceremonial way and aligning with the power of your intention, the most powerful part of this medicine allows you to receive insights messages, gifts and what you need to move forward from with clarity.

Allow yourself to receive the full healing and potency of this sacred medicine of Tobacco along with connecting in with our elemental bodies. This will be a full sensory experience including sound healing and the use of essences, essential oils and incenses to raise the vibration and frequency of your body and energetic field.

How Does It Work?

This medicine brings you into the body which for some can be challenging however it will offer you invaluable space which will allow you movement and sensation, giving you the gifts of shifting stagnant energy, bringing you back to your breath and teach you how to work with your own powerful internal resources.

This will be a sensory experience also working through each of the elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

You will receive teachings on:
· Clearing the body, mind, spirit and emotion
· Grounding
· Insights
· Teachings on working with the plant spirit, why and how this medicine has been used
· How to create an allyship/friendship with the plant
· Sound healing from various instruments following the flow of the elements


How it works:

Sananga is an indigenous medicine, made with the roots of the plant and water, applied straight into the eyes. The indigenous people say that this medicine cures several sicknesses that can appear on the eyes (such as Glaucoma, Catarata, Miopia, Astigmatismo, Hipermetropia, Distrofias, alteration of xxxs and others) and even increases the capacity to see. It clears the mind and keeps one awake, clears the nose and the eyes, and even the meridians of energy, which flow through the entire body. They use it in the case of sickness, irritation or weakness of the eye, in ceremonies with other medicines such as rapé and also for hunting. The indigenous people also say that Sananga works as a opener for the spiritual path, they say it aligns one with their path and if the first application burns a lot, so much that the whole body gets strongly affected, it is because the person was not spiritually aligned. This is a powerful way to become present and centered in yourself coming into alignment.

integrated Elements - Sacred Tobacco AND SANANGA Ceremony Event

  • Early bird $88  | Full price $108 (plus BF)

  • Friday April 26th 2019, 7pm - 10pm 

  • Venue: The Alchemy Space 1/199 King St Newtown entrance on Egan street 

Hape Testimonial

Having experienced a variety of different healing and modalities through my life, I have never found a more effective energetic or physical cleanse than hape. It's a wild ride! With the loving support of Tara the hape confronts you to look clearly at yourself, and to let go of that which no longer serves you.
Tara is a gentle, loving and insightful facilitator. She works together with you to address the heart of an issue, and holds space for clearing it with love and respect. I always leave my sessions with Tara feeling a great sense of clarity and calm, knowing that I am loved and held by the universe, and that I am learning, perfectly.

-Sacha, Sydney, 27

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