Embody the Elements~Sacred Tobacco & Sananga

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We are super excited to be sharing this beautiful weaving of sacred plant medicines, song, flow yoga, dance and sound healing journey together in one event!

Join us, Lulu, Mischka and Tara, for an embodiment journey of the elements and sound healing journey with the spirit of the Tobacco , Hape, and Sananga. These medicines have been utilised in ancient tribal traditions for many years. We have blended together ancient medicine and embodiment practises for a day of elemental immersion in the magical eucalyptus forest of the lower Blue Mountains.

We will be accompanied by PureHeart Alchemy Adrian Anteros and Izabella Florèt with their super potent alchemical mysts to support our opening, clearing and powerful day coming into alignment with the Elements. This will be a full sensory journey!

In this full immersion ceremony you will learn and experience the following:

- How to create a friendship and work with plant Spirits
- Clearing the body, mind, spirit and emotion
- Raise the vibration and frequency of your body and energetic field
- The full power of Presence, stillness and grounding
- The potency of prayer through song and intention
- You will learn how to embody and work with the elements
- Receive insights and deep clarity
- Sound healing from various instruments and songs from around the world

Tobacco can help you to ground into your body, clearing the body opening the heart and helping to release negative thought patterns, decalcify the pineal gland, cleaning and purifying the system so we can clearly communicate with the plant spirit allowing a body/mind/heart connection. When used in a ceremonial way and aligning with the power of your intention, the most powerful part of this medicine allows you to receive insights messages, gifts and what you need to move forward from with clarity.

Allow yourself to receive the full healing and potency of these sacred medicines along with connecting in with our elemental bodies. This will be a full sensory experience. including sound healing, embodiment practises and the use of essences, essential oils and incenses to raise the vibration and frequency of your body and energetic field.

How Hape works:

This medicine brings you into the body, which for some can be challenging however, it will offer you invaluable space which will allow you movement and sensation, giving you the gifts of shifting stagnant energy, bringing you back to your breath and teach you how to work with your own powerful internal resources.

About Sananga:

Sananga is an indigenous medicine, made with the roots of the plant and water, applied straight into the eyes. The indigenous people say that this medicine cures several sicknesses that can appear on the eyes and increases the capacity to see. It also clears the mind, and the meridians of energy, which flow through the entire body. The indigenous people also say that Sananga works as an opener for the spiritual path, they say it aligns one with their path.

When: 11am-530pm Sunday September 29th

Where: Lower Blue Mountains, address given upon booking
Exchange: EARLY BIRD RATE $166 Before Sept 14th
Full Flight: $188 after Sept 14th
Price includes all medicines and lunch
GET TICKET: https://www.trybooking.com/BEKVC

What to bring: note pad and pen, yoga mat, water, open mind

ONLY 16 participants limit. So be sure to get your ticket early!!

Your Facilitators:
Lulu & Mischka are musicians that draw upon the ancient earth wisdoms to bring people together to unite in sound and silence. Their offerings see them travel the globe for concerts and workshop as well as receiving inspirations.
Ancient mantras from India meet heart opening english lyrics; medicine prayers from North and South America wash through every cell and activate the inner wisdom.
Be taken on a journey... hearts wide open