sacred tobacco ~ power~presence~purpose

I am super excited to be co~facilitating with a dear brother Eduardo Rincon on his return from Columbia. He has been on a deep dive along side his Elders there with one of my strongest plant I allies and teachers, Tobacco.

We have another super powerful plant teacher that will be kept secret until the day. This one is one of the most misused, misunderstood and abused plants, along side the tobacco of course. We will bring them both into the light so they can share their true medicine with you.

Eduardo and I will share our personal experiences with these 2 plants and how you can start to cultivate your own friendship with them to help you through Life and this coming eclipse season. Whether or not you follow astrology or not this is always an intense time of year with much emotional turbulence. It is the perfect time to connect in with our plant friends, the medicines of the jungle.

These 2 powerhouse plants will assist you to get into alignment with your purpose, cultivate your power, teach you deep presence.

Eduardo will be sharing Ancient Shamanic practises that I can guarantee you have never done before, I hadn't even heard of them before now. We will be sharing the tobacco in the form of Hapè as well as 4 other different formats. Eduardo will be sharing 5 different strengths of Hapè suitable for the beginner to the very experienced.
We will be having a special brew made with the surprise plant. We can't wait to share it with you.

In this full day immersion ceremony you will learn and experience the following:

- How to communicate, listen and create a friendship with plant Spirits
- Clear your body, mind, spirit and emotion
- Raise the vibration and frequency of your body and energetic field
- Experience the full power of Presence, stillness and grounding
- Receive insights and deep clarity
- Sound healing from various instruments and songs from around the world
- Learn ancient Shamanic healing practices in a safe, fun and supportive space
- Learn how to cultivate and increase sensitivity to feeling energy
-Learn about the shadow aspects of these 2 plants and also all the amazing health benefits on all levels
~Be in the stillness and beauty of nature just 90 minutes from Sydney~ location given upon purchase of ticket.

$166 Early bird before July 18th
$188 Full flight
Ticket price includes all materials, lunch, tea, snacks

Tobacco can help you to ground into your body, clearing the body opening the heart and helping to release negative thought patterns, decalcify the pineal gland, cleaning and purifying the system so we can clearly communicate with the plant spirit allowing a body/mind/heart connection. When used in a ceremonial way and aligning with the power of your intention, the most powerful part of this medicine allows you to receive insights messages, gifts and what you need to move forward from with clarity.

Allow yourself to receive the full healing and potency of these sacred medicines. This will be a full sensory experience. including sound healing, embodiment practises and the use of tea, essential oils and incenses to raise the vibration and frequency of your body and energetic field.