Generosity creates juiciness when it’s born from appreciation, gratitude and a deep listening. Dropping ones own agenda for validation, orgasm or an outcome allows the moment to unravel from the heart space. It’s a deep listening hands and heart connected. A loving curiousness where the moment stretches into infinity and every moment is new and fresh.
— Tara Fischer

Essential Life Skills For The Art of Pleasuring

 Come join us for a day as we explore new ways to be with our lover.

Learn how to create & cultivate the quality of sexual connection & intimacy that fulfils your heart's deepest longing. 

Touch is one of the most potent tools of communication we have to connect to each other. In this unique workshop, you will experience transformative new ways to lead & elevate each other.

This is a potent & juicy dive into learning about how we can connect more deeply to ourselves and each other through sacred, sensual touch & pleasure. 
If you've never taken the time to learn quality skills around sexual pleasure - this is a very special, fun and intimate space to learn in.

This is the Sex Education you wish you would have had when you were younger.
We will cover both male and female anatomy and ways to increase pleasure through presence, sensitivity and real connection. You will get to understand your own body and it's capacity for pleasure as well as that of the opposite sex. 

The highly successful Pleasuring Him and Pleasuring Her workshops are open to all genders on both days.  The consistent feedback from the participants in those spaces was that they wished it was longer and that they wanted to have participated in both days so they could learn about their own sexuality and pleasure as well as having a greater understanding of how to please their partners.

Touch is one of the most potent tools of communication we have to reach and connect to each other. In this unique workshop, you will experience transformative new ways to enhance pleasure through touch. Techniques will only get you so far ! It is the way you bring yourself and your energy to the touch is what transforms the experience for you and the other. 

Join our Sex & Embodiment Educator, Tara Fischer and Tantric Facilitator, Alison Petrie for a weekend that is rich and deep, light-hearted and fun, filled with valuable information, experiential practices, discussions and LIVE demonstrations of tantric lingham and yoni massage.

You will learn a range of new skills and feel an empowering sense of confidence in your approach and the way that you touch. You will also gain new perspectives, insights and bust some social myths around male and female sexuality and learn new ways to communicate through touch. 

What you will Experience:

* Understanding arousal and sexual potential
* Exploring sexual anatomy including the subtle anatomy
* Cultivating and mastering presence
* Learning from each other about what women and men really desire sexually and what doesn't work
* Expand Your Communication Skills & Build Your Confidence
* Tantric Massage techniques
* Learn How to Create Deep States of Relaxation & Build Arousal
* How to Connect Your Sexual Desire with Your Heart and Hands
* Tap Into Your Own Intuitive Touch & How to Read Erotic Body Language
* LIVE Demonstration of a Sacred Tantric Massage & Lingam Massage
* LIVE Demo of a Sacred Tantric Massage & Yoni Massage
* Debrief and open discussions



SATURDAY Oct 19th 10am-530pm


The Leela Centre,
Level 2/113-115 Oxford St, Darlinghurst, NSW





SUNDAY Oct 20th, 2019 10am - 530pm

The Leela Centre,
Level 2/113-115 Oxford St, Darlinghurst, NSW

"What we learn with pleasure we never forget"

Alfred Mercier




"I feel inspired and truly grateful for sharing in this experience in such a safe and loving environment. I now have more information and ideas about how I can gift increasing pleasure in a respectful and honouring way. I loved every part of it and especially being able to see a live demonstration. I will be speaking very highly of this course to all my beloveds." Heather

"Thank you so much for the live demo .. the energy was very potent and powerful and I feel honoured that I could witness that""The workshop was really OUTSTANDING .. I learnt many new things about the male anatomy and how to pleasure it - things I would never have dreamed of... .. the teachers are fantastic, the knowledge lasts a life time. I also had a lot of fun."Patricia, 39

"Tara is an inspirational leader in this beautiful field of knowledge. She injects passion and playfulness into all that she expresses and brings her raw authenticity and beauty to all that she does" Max, 36

"An enlightening experience." David, 42

"Excellent content, great facilitator and life changing demonstration" Tobias, 31

"SO GOOD!!! A last minute decision totally paid for itself. Glad I didn't miss it, I'd be kicking myself later" Jonathan, 24

"I found as my first workshop it to be very professional and very very informative. I would highly recommend this to all men who are genuinely interested in their partners overall and sexual well being and happiness." James, 48