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Shamanism is a way of Life, a way to connect with nature and all of creation

Tara's Approach To Shamanism

Tara’s approach to shamanism is very accessible and grounded. Tara has found shamanism a powerful way to reconnect with her roots and healing abilities. She shares simple practices that have assisted in her awakening.


Daily practice allows for the continued and exponential growth of both body and Soul. It is absolutely vital we have simple daily practices to assist us on this path of awakening.  The aim is to create internal and external harmony with all of Life.

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What Is Shamanism?

Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition amongst indigenous tribes across the world. Shamanism is a way of Life, a way to connect with nature and all of creation. Shamanic practices tap into the power that Mother Earth has to offer and the ancient teachings derived from the simple truths in nature.


Shamanism connects us back to the simplicity of nature. It is a way to create a deeper more connected Life. A Life that is full of magic. It is a way to bring us back to basics and connects us to our own internal medicine wheel. Helping us to stay connected, grounded and energised.  Working within the medicine wheel, ceremony and ritual are powerful ways to awaken your own master healer and Shaman.

Once you recognise that all of nature and life are here for you, your experiences will start to change for the better.  

Shamanic Healing Session can dramatically improve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Shamanic healing session can assist with depression, sadness, anxiety, disease, pain, unhealthy relationship patterns, a feeling of being lost or stuck. Shifts often happen quickly, relative to other methods. One session of shamanic work can achieve what might take years to accomplish using another modality. Shamanic healing session can also remove blocks to living your best life and assist with major life transitions and death and dying.


What Happens During a Healing?​

Each healing is as unique as our individual circumstances. Each unfolds exactly as it should. Typically a session begins with a brief talk about what you would like to heal or shift in your life, getting to the heart of the matter. Using a variety of tools, from emotional clearing, soul retrieval, Family constellations, DAre, ancestral healing, mediumship, essences, drum healing, and more…Tara will assist to release heavy energy from your body, erasing imprints that cause disease. She may also extract energies that do not serve you and return lost soul parts to you. Integrating body, mind, and Spirit.

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 Shamanic Healing Session with Tara 

1:1 Shamanic Healing Session

90 MIN: $365 includes %10 GST

2 HRS: $450 includes %10 GST


HOURS: 9 am-6 pm (Evenings and weekends available on request)

If you are in a position of financial hardship and feel that this work would greatly support you, please reach out to me and I’m sure we can come up with a plan or price reduction to meet your needs.

To book a session with Tara, schedule a discovery call with the button below. 
Discovery Call
"After seeing Tara I felt a huge shift in my persona, like a weight being lifted off my shoulders I felt more free and true to myself. Tara gave me strategies and methods in building a stronger foundation at my core which really resonated with me. Overall it was a very transformative session and am very happy with the results" 
- Daniel, 25yr 
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