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My Favorite Things

Pureheart Alchemy - Mermaid Breast Oil

Mermaid Breast Oil is a beautiful & nourishing oil for beautiful healthy Breasts. Specifically chosen for their healing properties, these 100% Organic Plant oils, have been alchemically blended to promote healthy breast tissue, balance hormones, and support supple skin tone.

Regular breast massage is a pleasurable self-loving Ritual which is vital to female health, bringing much-needed self-care into our life. Through conscious daily massage, you will generate feelings of beauty, love, and self-acceptance - a conscious way to begin your day!

❤️  Every bottle of Mermaid Breast Oil comes with a 15 minuted guided Tantric breast massage. Designed by me, Tara. Enjoy this regular loving practice that supports a deep nourishing connection to your heart, breasts, and sacred femininity.

This is my absolute favorite oil to use on my breasts in the morning after my shower to connect me to my heart and feminine Essence so I can flow into my day with this self-love and bring it into everything that you do. A must in your daily routine to become a radiant and vibrantly alive woman!

Receive my gift to you a powerful self-love ritual. A 15-minute breast massage meditation with your order!!

Click below to find out all the amazing ingredients in this beautifying alchemical magic in a bottle. ❤️ 

Ritual Oils - 100% Pure Cold-Pressed Moringa Oil Infused With Blue Lotus - 2oz/60ml

Suitable for all skin types, the 100% Pure Cold-Pressed Moringa Oil feels amazing as it penetrates deeply into all seven layers of the skin to leave your face & entire body feeling fresh & alive - without that greasy oily feeling often encountered with most other topical oils.


Breathing in the delightful scent of the Blue Lotus essential oil awakens the senses by activating the Crown Chakra and helps bring in a unifying, calming & centered feel that lifts the mood to clear away tensed feelings.

Moringa Oil is one of the most nutrient-dense oils in the world. It contains powerful antioxidants and essential fatty acids that penetrate deeply into the skin cells and facial tissue.

Regular application of Ritual Oils reduces the striking appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the skin.

Blue lotus flower is one of my absolute favorites because of her seductive ability to soothe the senses and bring greater serenity to my evening rituals.

If you wish to make one your own, you will receive an automatic 10% by clicking the button below!

Wild Divine Mist

Wild divine is one of my personal favorites because it connects me with the sensual flow in my hips, the waters within.


To flow in grace and beauty, to embrace the creative essence that lies within me, and birth my creations into reality.


A Spiritual Scent that represents the Healing of the Divine Feminine.

Tasting the receptive joys of acknowledging oneself as a multi-dimensional being.

Reclaims womanly instincts with a vital infusion of soul-warmth, passion, and a zest for life.

Unveiling the sovereign vibration, feminine essence, power, and voice.

The Alchemical beauty of all of the mists lovingly crafted by Pureheart Alchemy are each divine in their own right, visit their website via the link below and see for yourself.

Beach Umbrella

Water IS Life

LumiVitae is excited to introduce CellPower, the ultimate new Hydrogen Water Bottle designed to redefine your hydration and well-being.


This bottle is expertly engineered to produce water enriched with bioavailable molecular hydrogen. 

Inside, it captures the profound secrets of the universe, generating hydrogen-rich drinking water and infusing it with the sun’s life-giving frequencies, giving to the name liquid light. 

To ensure balance, its base is grounded within the Earth's magnetic field, creating a harmonious equilibrium that mirrors the intrinsic connection between nature, water and you. 

Current Stock & Shipping

  • Graphite Sand: Out of Stock - Shipping week of March 25

  • Desert Gold: Out of Stock - Shipping week of March 25

ORDER NOW and be among the very first people on the planet to hold this revolutionary new technology!

Assortment of glass bottles with plants coming out Tara Fischer store
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