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Tantra for Couples

Creating a sacred, safe, fun environment for you both to enjoy new ways of discovering each other

Explore and rediscover each other

I have a great passion for working with couples, creating a sacred, safe, fun environment for you both to enjoy new ways of discovering each other. In life everything becomes a habit from the way we eat, make our bed, fold the laundry, to the way we make love. It is also full of assumptions and unspoken or undiscovered desires.


We are not taught how to fully surrender and trust our body’s capacity for pleasure or often even ask for what we want. We can often get stuck in a routine with our partners. Tantric coaching sessions for couples offer easy and fun ways to explore and rediscover each other.

Couple in embrace on bed tantra
Couple holding hands tantra

Reawaken your sensual life together

Reawaken your sensual life together….or take it to the next level, learn new ways of being together. A very safe sacred space will be created to both learn and experience conscious loving touch, new ways to communicate and connect, using your breath and fun ways to explore and discover new things about each other. In a tantric massage couples sessions there is no goal to reach and no right way to feel.


Learn how to deepen in your intimacy together honouring every step of the way. All is welcome here, whether it is emotional release, deep relaxation, arousal or exquisite pleasure in your body. Deepening your sense of acknowledgement, appreciation and love for one another. 

Please note, that this offering is not a threesome. 

Tailored to your needs

I will tailor each session to suit your needs. Couples sessions are for 2 hours or more for coaching. The 5 hour session is the full package!! Amazing value for what you will walk away with.

What You will receive/learn in a 5 hour couples session:

  • Art of Pleasuring for Him and Her(This is the basis of Tantric touch and sex education)

  • Daily/weekly connection exercises to deepen in your relationship

  • Playful practises to go home and explore straight away!

  • Practical Skills to Cultivate Trust and Confidence in the Way You Approach & Relate to each other

  • New Communication Skills to take out the guess work in pleasuring

  • Hands on full body massage and Lingam and Yoni Massage

  • How to awaken arousal and move it around the body


Couple looking to horizon surrounded by candles
Couple kissing passionately tantra
What this program includes

You will explore tantric practices that will allow you to feel yourself and your partner in new and exciting ways.

You will learn ways to keep your vibe high in the midst of our changing world.

You will experience more aliveness and pleasure in your body.

You will learn easy and fun ways to open your body and relieve stress immediately.

You will learn communication skills that will allow you to share your needs, desires, and fears.

You will learn how to awaken sexual energy in a way that is natural and easy. No forcing or pressure to be or do anything. A space to be with what is.

Tantric Healing Session For Couples


5 HRS: $975 INC 10% GST


2 HRS: $400 INC 10% GST


2 HRS: $400 INC 10% GST


Zoom Sessions (Tantric Coaching) are now available in the comfort of your own home.

HOURS: 9 am-6 pm (Evenings and weekends available on request)

be brave and explore this opportunity to deepen together, and explore greater possibilities to grow in LOVE, PLAY, and PLEASURE.

If you are in a position of financial hardship and feel that this work would greatly support you, please reach out to me and I’m sure we can come up with a plan or price reduction to meet your needs.

Learn more about Tantra for Women & Tantra for Men in Sydney.

To book a session with Tara, schedule a discovery call with the button below. 
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