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I believe that we are all important, needed and necessary. I believe that Nature heals, that we are a part of Nature and Nature a part of us.

I believe that everyone has the right to be happy, loved, seen and appreciated just as they are in all the human chaos to the beauty and all the spaces in between.

I believe that we are here to evolve beyond a lot of the current narratives that we are fed by the media, Hollywood, patriarchy and systems of control, that keep us small and boxed in.

I believe we are all big wounded kids in adult bodies growing ourselves up, re-parenting. I believe we are all fumbling towards ecstasy and are refining simple ways of being in relationship with ourselves, life and each other.

I believe my Life story gave me the perfect canvas to do this. I believe that we are capable of much more then we believe or are told. I believe sexuality is an important part of awakening and returning to sexual  purity and innocence. As opposed to playing out over sexualization, seduction and manipulation that is fed to us day in and day out.

I believe our shadows are our biggest teachers and point of growth, if we are brave and courageous enough to face them.

I believe it’s important to live a holistic life.

I believe it’s absolutely vital that everyone has a daily practice that connects us to the bigger picture. I believe it’s a daily practice that gives us  the  strength, clarity ability to see beyond the minds stories brings a sense of peaceful joy.

To live a magical fulfilling Life.

How you can work with me

My work is to inspire you to live a life embodied in love. It’s not always an easy task to do, however, I will empower you with the tools to navigate the landscape of your emotions.

I will walk beside you as you claim your unique connection with nature and all of her gifts to truly embrace the magic of this Life. You will touch the deepest parts of yourself that hold you back from truly living your desires and finding the pleasure in all things.

You can experience my work in 3 ways:

Women’s Mentorship 2019

Launching early 2019 - limited places

Coming soon in 2019!

Coming soon in 2019!


location: Inner West Sydney

Working hours weekdays 9am-6pm

Some evenings and weekends available on request

Email Tara or call +61 414 404 577

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