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Tantra draws on the healing powers of sexual energy, opening the heart and sensuality to promote change, transformation, vitality and love


Tantra is not a religion

Tantra is an ancient yoga originating in conscious spirituality that draws on the healing powers of sexual energy, opening the heart and sensuality to promote change, transformation, vitality and love.


Literally, Tantra means ”to weave” in Sanskrit, the weaving of energy. Tantra integrates and weaves spirituality and sexuality for complete and healthy wholeness in ones self. For most people today, if asked what Tantra is, there is an immediate association with sex, mysterious and intriguing sex practices that result in amazing sex with your partner.  This is only one part of tantra.

Man and woman kissing passionately tantra energy
Holding hands tantra palm leaf

Tantra is Everything

It doesn't require adopting a spiritual belief system or a specific doctrine. Tantra can be a positive complement to any existing lifestyle. Tantra can also be the foundation of one's life.


Tantra is a way of life. A way to remember your birthright to experience life's pleasures on all levels. To experience your full sensual nature be it on your own or with another or just simply embracing life's sweet sensual offerings from the food you eat to quiet moments in nature. 

Learning long lasting life enriching ways to enjoy yourself.

The way we treat each other, the way we breathe, the way we care for ourselves, the way we experience life, the way we love: it is all Tantra.

“It is time we saw sex as the truly sacred art that it is. A deep meditation, a holy communion and a dance with the force of creation. ” — Marcus Allen

Tantric massage is the ultimate experience of relaxation and pleasure 

Tantra is a beautiful way to get to know and love yourself alongside your sensual sexual nature. Tantra also has the capabilities to heal old wounds, traumas, social conditioning and negative beliefs of one's self. It truly is a way to expand into your heart, feeling a deeper sense of connection to yourself and others. It is a way of coming home to your body learning how to become more present and loving with everything that shows up. Experiencing and expanding into the fullness of your orgasmic potential.

A tantric massage is the ultimate experience of relaxation and pleasure. A Tantric massage gently introduces you to the main keys of Tantra, breath, awareness and communication which is always a deepening into your sexual potential...mind, body and soul. Allowing you to experience the depth of your sensuality as you are honoured in your entirety.  You will be gently guided to breathe deeply, relax and stay present.  Using visualisation, awareness,  breath and sounds to help circulate this powerful healing energy in your body.


Tara draws on various mind-body connection healing techniques. Awakening the pleasure centers through breath, sound and movement.  Tara specifically tailors each session to according to your needs

Tantric Massage Tara Fischer
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