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Meet Tara

I am a loving, compassionate, intuitive, light-hearted & caring facilitator, teacher & medicine woman.

It all started when...

I almost died from a misdiagnosis by three different doctors in 1996, which left me with little support, relief, or cure. I was suffering from endometriosis, which led me to a near-death experience and losing an ovary.


I then embarked on a journey to heal myself by using alternative healing methods, including aromatherapy, massage, energetic therapy, shamanic healing, rebirthing, movement, diet, traditional Chinese medicine, sound, and body-mind connection. This led me down an amazing rabbit hole, and I have never looked back.


I realized this was much more than just a physical disease. My traumatic life experiences had led me to manifest it in my body. I realized it was also mental, emotional, and Spiritual as well.


So I went in search of how I could take full responsibility for what I had created and how to cure. I was brought up a catholic, my parents divorced at a young age, I lost my virginity by rape, more sexual trauma, bulimia, became a stripper at a young age, and just knew there was all kinds of mixed up in me.


I did just that and the self inquiry hasn't stopped.


I have been enriched, healed, opened, burned in the soul fire and enlivened to live a happy, fulfilling, joyful Life. I say YES to it all and it has been so worth it. I swear I have experienced more joy and blissful moments due to it all. I am so grateful for it ALL.


It has changed me to the very core of my being and I would love to walk beside you so you can have the same joyful magic in your life.


HOLDING HANDS Tara Fischer shamanism tantra holistic healing

 I wanted to be happy & started the quest to heal  

Meditation shamanism tantra
I am a....

Medicine Woman, Shamanic practitioner

Kundalini Dance Master Teacher​

Sexuality and Embodiment Educator​

Emotional Clearing Counsellor

Family Constellations Facilitator


Energy Healer, medium​

DaRE- Dynamic Attachment Repatterning Experience Facilitator level 1,2,3,4

"I have a unique way of bringing a lightness to your deepest shadows so they can be integrated & healed."

Some of my mentors & teachers are:

  • Lynda and Paul Henderson were 2 of my first teachers, 30 years ago, who taught me massage and brought shamanism, self-care, and combining different techniques into their own style.

  • Phyliss Victory my first holistic counselor, 1995, and reiki teacher who taught me how to face the scary parts of myself with love.

  • Sheinagh Anderson is a mentor, dear friend and teacher for 26 years now. She was my voice teacher, reiki teacher, and master she taught me how to work with mantra, my voice, and sound. 

  • Michael Adamedes from Inner Peace Mastery was a great teacher of mine on emotional clearing and breath work, a genius at what he does.

  • Leyolah Antara who is the creator of Kundalini dance she is a dear friend, mentor, teacher and inspiration to me for the past 16 years.

  • Sharon Bolt is the best plant spirit communicator and magickal woman I know and the creator of Shamanic Energy Training, teacher, dear friend, mentor and inspiration for the past 14 years.

  • White Star is a healer, shaman and seer she was my mediumship mentor. 

  • Dianne Poole Heller on attachment theory, she is the best of the best

  • Dr Arielle Swartz is one of the leaders teaching the importance of Vagal Toning

Tara Fischer shamanism tantra holistic healing

Courses and Certifications

  • DARe Training Level 1,2 & 3 Dynamic Attachment Repatterning Experience 2021-2023

  • Working with Complex Trauma, Peter Levine & Dianne Poole Heller June 2023

  • Plant Spirit Ceremonialist ~ Shamanic Energy Training Oct 2018

  • Family Constellations 2018, 2019, and 2022 International Constellations Training with master facilitators

  • Energetic Orgasm Course with Andrew Barnes 2011

  • Lingam and Yoni Massage 2011

  • Sex and Relationship Coaching with Awakening Within Institute 2011

  • Tantric Ecstasy and Shamanic Alchemy with Andrew Barnes and Leyolah Antara 2011

  • Sex Magic Workshop with Baba Dez 2011

  • Australian Doula College 2011

  • Tantric Dakini training with Leyolah Antara 2010

  • Dysfunctional Pattern clearing counselor training with Michael Adameades 2009

  • Psychic and Intuition Development 2009

  • Kundalini Dance Facilitator Training 2008 and a yearly training thereafter

  • Life Design with Success and You 2008

  • Chakra and Rebirthing with Michael Adameades Bali 2008

  • Life Coach Certificate with Success and You 2007

  • Zenith Healing Modality 1997

  • Relaxation Massage training 1995

  • Reiki Level 1 and 2 1995

  • Aromatherapy Therapist 1994

I embody the work that I teach 

I embody the work that I teach as I have journeyed deeply through my own transformational awakening using the tools that I share. I am a learning nerd and love to keep learning to cultivate more tools to help myself and others on this crazy ride. My current obsession is studying attachment theory and vagal toning. 

I will enable you to move forward in your life with a sense of calm, joy and purpose. I am one of the creators of Sydney Tantra Temple and I Am Woman Global since 2012. I currently run monthly events and ceremonies, as well as, collaborative events, retreats and festivals. I have lead women's circles and ceremonial rituals for the past 16 years all across Australia. 


“During my struggle with cancer I look inward for healing, not just physical but emotional and spiritual as well. I traveled the world seeking answers in Ashrams and Seminars. I attended events with motivational speakers and gurus.

I met Tara in August of 2016, and attended a spiritual retreat where she was the facilitator. Since then I have attended a half dozen events with her as the leader and have seen her in private sessions. She is without a doubt the most caring facilitator I have met. She doesn’t coddle you or provide a shield from the demons we must face on life’s journey, but she does walk with you.

Every other group I saw – every speaker I heard all did the same thing, upsell to the next events or course. I felt as if I was getting on a merry-go-round of personal development and self-healing. I was left anxious at the end of many of them wondering if I needed more “Fixing”.

Tara never did this,  it has always been just to move further along the path on this thing called life.”

- Jonathan Gravenor, 56yo

Diana Richardson, Betty Martin, Brene Brown, Byron Katies and Ester Perel are huge inspirations for me. I love all of their work, their message to the world and what they stand for.


All pioneers in their field and in Life. I watch and read their stuff often to keep me on track and inspired.

They are risk takers, intuitive and wise women

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