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KundiTantra Dance

Come and join Tara Fischer in co-creation with Alison Petrie for this amazing night of dance, heart opening and connection

Embody Love and Sexuality

Come and join Tara Fischer in co-creation with Alison Petrie for this amazing night of dance, heart opening and connection. This is a powerful combination of kundalini dance and tantric practices to raise your sexual energy, open your heart and leave your body buzzing and your soul soaring.

KundiTantra Dance is an evening of feeling your heart and exploring your unique energy. It is a powerful combination of Kundalini Dance and tantric practices. 


During the evening we will explore:

  • cultivating sexual energy and feeling in the body,

  • creating healthy boundaries,

  • being able to express who you are,

  • celebrating your life force

  • sharing your self with others.

people KundiTantra Dance holding hands tantric dance

Feel Your Power and Vulnerability

Through ecstatic dance, touch, awareness, breath-work, sound and sharing we offer you the opportunity to feel your power and vulnerability and journey deeply with each other.

Kundalini Dance is a practice that is deeply transformational and totally ecstatic, the practice rejuvenates the body, clears old stagnant emotional energy, brings insight and clarity into limiting beliefs and supports the awakening and integration of higher consciousness.

There is the use of tantric breath, movement and sound. Kundalini Dance and tantra is a revolutionary new method for self-healing and personal awakening.

KundiTantra - Connect




It's time to connect with our inner worlds as we are into the winter months. It is time for self-reflection and self-understanding. A great opportunity to connect with all that sustains and nourishes us. Connecting to the elemental body and connect with the community. KundiTantra is a perfect way to do both of these in a safe, loving, fun, and of course connected environment.

$45 online $50 at the door if available

$80 for couples ticket


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“The integration of love and sexuality can connect you to a more complete expression of your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, both within yourself and in how you relate to others”
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