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Movements of the Soul: Family Constellations

Join Tara on an experiential workshop or private 1:1 session to access the potential for profound healing, compassion, understanding & self-knowledge

Profound Healing & Understanding

Join me, Tara Fischer for an experiential workshop or a private 1:1 session for the movements of the Soul-family constellations. Experience the potential for profound healing, understanding & self-knowledge.

Do you have a present-day family, relationship, or life issue that keeps playing on repeat or that you just can't seem to shift on your own? Within your family of origin dynamic? Or current relationships?

This powerful modality can help resolve dysfunctional family blocks, couples issues, and spiritual divorce from past relationships that need final closure.

Systemic Family Constellations originated with Bert Hellinger. It has multiple facets and can be understood as cutting-edge psychotherapy, a reintroduction to ancient shamanic wisdom, and an introduction to the evolution of wisdom, leading the inquirer to 'knowing thyself'.

Family in line on the beach looking towards sunrise over water Movements of the Soul Family Constellations
People holding fingers of a hand Movements of the Soul Family Constellations

Next Event


Date May 25th 2024



Leela Community 
Level 2, 113-115 Oxford Street


$188 early bird before May 13th, 2024

$222 thereafter

Get Tickets here:

18 spots maximum 

Zoom online sessions are also available to inquire just fill in the connect with me form.

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“It’s not easy to put into words what happens or how it works, and being a very process and structured  person I couldn’t tell you the mechanics of it if I tried. But what I do know, from my heart is that this WORKS! From another field/space that we cannot see, but we can feel, it’s like a knowingness from within that feels right.

It is quite an amazing process to just step in and trust, to feel, to connect to something bigger than self, without ‘trying or needing to thinking’ about it.

I can confidently say that participating in this event is an opportunity to receive for yourself and your whole family a gift - insight, awareness, knowing, connection, love and healing.

I absolutely loved every part of the experience and am so thankful for Taras amazing intuitive and connected facilitation. I am excited for the next opportunity to participate.”

- Marni

Tara has been the most influential facilitator over my life's journey

Her uniqueness stands in the magic and ritualistic attitude she carries

Tara is extremely intuitive, and she knows what to do; you feel safe in her hands.

The major difference over other facilitators that I have encountered is literally in her experience of life. She embodies what she teaches

You feel guidance from someone who actually has walked that path rather than learned it from a book!


Since working with Tara my life has shifted 360 Degrees.

I have discovered who I am and what I am doing here!

I have learned how my life experiences were just perfect for extreme as they were,

I needed to go through them to become who I am today!

I have experienced Tara as a trusted, safe, and knowledgeable facilitator, and I wish to pass on my experience to others!!

                                                                                                                                Tiziano  Squerso Sydney 

Alexa Young, CA

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