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Find the magic in Being and live a soul-fulfilling life 

Meet Tara...

For over 25 years I have been working with people in the holistic healing field in order to live a deeply fulfilling life. My work is all trauma-informed. I guide people back into their bodies to feel ALL of their feelings and powerful life force energy, drawing on several modalities to heal your attachment system and so much more.  These span from family constellations, inner child work, attachment theory, vagal toning, shamanism, tantra, and emotional healing.

My work is to inspire you to live a life embodied in love. It’s not always an easy task to do, however, I will empower you with the tools to navigate the landscape of your emotions in a safe and accessible way for everyday life and beyond.

Tara Fischer shamanism tantra and emotional healing
Feather shadow shamanism tantra and emotional healing
I want you to...

Find a deep love within yourself and in turn find love everywhere

Savour every precious delicious moment of this Life

Learn how to be fully in your body feeling, sensing, enjoying, listening to your intuition

Own your desires and feel pleasure in your body and in your relationship with your self

Know that living a sensual joyful connected Life is possible and it’s for you too

Feel your soft sensual nature as a woman and also your fierce wild side that can move mountains

Find the things that make you feel alive, happy and connected

Discover and claim your gifts so you can share them with the world, WE NEED YOU!  

Live a life that is rich and supportive of you and your dreams

Know that you are not alone on this path of awakening

Know that I'm with you to help you find the magic in being alive

Rise Women Rise Program

2024 Journey Commences June 8th

This program is a deep dive where you will be guided every step of the way. Each cycle is specifically designed for you to step into your true essence and to fully embody your powerful nature as a woman. To feel a deep level of confidence, feeling sensual, sacred and alive! We will be working with 3 major cycles, creating new healthy habits and rituals for everyday life. Therefore, creating new neural pathways in the brain, which allows you to get into the magical flow of Life and create the life your heart desires.

“Tara is without a doubt the most caring facilitator I have met. She doesn’t coddle you or provide a shield from the demons we must face on life’s journey, but she does walk with you.”

- Jonathan Gravenor

“Tara has been an integral part of my growth and continues to be for almost 4 years now. With such a nurturing, loving and caring approach, I have felt so supported in every event, workshop or one on one I have done.”

- Amy

“Tara brought her experience and gifts before us so we could learn more about ourselves. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to work with this amazing woman and to witness how truly gifted she is.”

- Jacinta

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Tara Fischer @ Embody the Sacred acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land where I reside, The Gundungara and Darug people.  We pay our respects to their Elders, past, present, and the ones yet to emerge. We acknowledge the past, present, and future relationship the First Nations have with this land, its waters, the winds, the plants, animals and the stars. 

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