Movements of the Soul: Family Constellations~ Sydney



Join me, Tara Fischer for an experiential workshop on the movements of the Soul- family constellations and the potential for profound healing, understanding & self-knowledge.

Do you have a present-day family issue that keeps playing on repeating or something you just can't seem shift within your family of origin dynamic? Or current relationships?

This workshop can help resolve dysfunctional family blocks, couples issues and spiritual divorce from past relationship that need final closure.

Systemic Family Constellations was originated by Bert Hellinger, it has multiple facets and can be understood as cutting-edge psychotherapy, a reintroduction to ancient shamanic wisdom and also an introduction to the evolution of wisdom, leading the inquirer to 'knowing thyself'.

Family Constellations or 'Movements of the Soul' is a deeply experiential method of helping individuals resolve issues in a gentle, powerful and non-judgmental manner. This approach helps reveal the hidden dynamics which often can keep us stuck in a rut on many levels.

It is recognised that our deepest attachments are to our personal family systems including 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generations previous to our own. Through a loyalty and love for this family system problems and patterns can be seen in these generations. The constellations work can help address these entanglements and potentially resolve them to bring more peace and power to our lives today.

During this event there will be an opportunity for everyone to get a taste of this deep heart moving work in a safe, loving and non-judgemental environment. We will be using various tools such as meditation, group exercises, family constellations methodology, sharing and movement.

During the taster evening, we have opportunity for 1 person with a specific issue to work on during this taster event . This is for anyone who just wants to find out more about family constellations and be in the field. Often in being a representative you are able to receive insights and healing just as powerful as the one having the constellation.

During the full day event there will be an opportunity for up to 4 people to have there issue worked on. You will all have the opportunity to experience this work by doing mini constellations.

We will have 3 taster events leading onto a full weekend for those who love the work and would like to have a deep dive, healing and understanding of themselves in order to fully move forward in Life.

This has truly been one of the most powerful tools I have come across in the past 25 years. It is so powerful it is being used in the mainstream across the UK and South America. They are even using it in the school system!! That really is a testament to the power of this work in those forward thinking countries.

Taster Evening Thursday, Sept 19th 7pm-930pm
Investment: $30
Where: Level 2, 113-115 Oxford St Cnr Oxford & Crown Sts, Darlinghurst, New South Wale
What to bring: Water, an open mind

Limited number of people 16


Investment: $120
Where: Level 2, 113-115 Oxford St Cnr Oxford & Crown Sts, Darlinghurst, New South Wale
What to bring: Water, an open mind, lunch money

Limited number of People: 22